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Here is a clip from Tony Robbins, he has helped millions of people around the world learn how to get  to where they want to be in life.  He offers practical terms to follow and an action plan.

Get a free coaching session and listen to some of his motivational tips form his site.  He never fails to enlighten, but the work is up to the individual.

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Nutrition is so very important when it comes to your health.  Holistic Nutritionist, Raquel Custage-Elliott says you have to be aware that good nutrition is a process and you should not take on too many changes at once.      

Try this on for size

In an interview with Custage-Elliott, she says stay on the wagon, you must make realistic choices for yourself.  Take notice of how your body feels when you eat certain foods; that sluggish feeling can be a motivator to try a little harder to change a few things.  Changing your eating habits is a process.

You may contact her if you feel the need for personal coaching during the process of change at www.energyofbreath.com or by phone 917-806-0702.  She will be glad to help you in your quest for health.

For more fitness and nutrition information:

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