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Ernestine Shepherd has been into fitness and bodybuilding since she was 56 years old.

At 73, she has no plans to quit.  She is taking this God given determination and helping other women and some men to achieve their dreams of fitness.

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to keep up with Shepherd.  She is up at 3 a.m. everyday.  Before her first run of the day she has a breakfast of two boiled egg whites, a bagel and 16 ounces of water.

She goes to Druid Hill Park and runs from 5:30 until 8 – 9 a.m. After running for hours,  she drinks liquid egg whites and eats two more boiled egg whites.  From there she heads to the gym to instruct her fitness classes from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. She takes time for lunch which is usually some sort of protein and carbohydrates and of course water.  “Later on I eat roasted chicken, and that’s Subway chicken because I’m lazy, I don’t cook…a baked potato and spinach, later tuna fish and more egg whites…and vegetables,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd is very patient with the participants of her class.  “First of all you have to start off slowly, you can’t jump in gung-ho.  What you have to do is find what you like to do and when you find what you like to do make it fun…when you see the slightest change that will motivate you and make you keep going, she says.

Diet and exercise is really paying off for Shepherd.  She has beautiful, clear skin, lovely silver-grey hair and her body is toned to perfection.  Women have said they do not want to use weights and bulk up.  Shepherd shows that with moderation anything can be achieved.


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Dwayne of Chizel-It stretching woman during off-site exercise class

Beginning a new exercise program can be an exciting venture until the soreness sets in.  When a person gets sore after the first few workouts they can be discouraged from further attempts to complete the course.

Stretching after each workout can prevent excessive soreness in your muscles.  This will keep you motivated to exercise.  The weather is getting warmer now, and that in itself is reason to get out and get moving.

Motivation as defined by the online dictionary is derived from the word motivate: to provide with a motive, to incite to impel.  Some synonyms are to provoke, move, cause, prompt and induce. What will provoke you to care for your body or cause you to do what you know you need to do?

We all have tons of excuses and that bed feels too good to get up earlier than normal, but think of a reason to incite yourself.  This could be the best thing you do for yourself.

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