Julie Gleeson a personal trainer at the YMCA of Central Maryland offers some motivation tips for those she train and others who have not committed to an exercise plan.        

“You have to be willing to do what it takes and that doesn’t mean coming to the gym everyday. Eat what you like, if you eat things you don’t really enjoy, you’re not gonna get any results,” Gleeson says.  One good resource for healthy eating is pyramid.gov, which she gives that tip to anyone wanting to know about portions and how to balance a meal.

Gleeson has been training for less than two years and teaches from her own personal experience as someone who did not exercise much in the past.  She has a lot of ideas to help keep people motivated and she is a great encourager.

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Nutrition is so very important when it comes to your health.  Holistic Nutritionist, Raquel Custage-Elliott says you have to be aware that good nutrition is a process and you should not take on too many changes at once.      

Try this on for size

In an interview with Custage-Elliott, she says stay on the wagon, you must make realistic choices for yourself.  Take notice of how your body feels when you eat certain foods; that sluggish feeling can be a motivator to try a little harder to change a few things.  Changing your eating habits is a process.

You may contact her if you feel the need for personal coaching during the process of change at www.energyofbreath.com or by phone 917-806-0702.  She will be glad to help you in your quest for health.

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Dwayne of Chizel-It stretching woman during off-site exercise class

Beginning a new exercise program can be an exciting venture until the soreness sets in.  When a person gets sore after the first few workouts they can be discouraged from further attempts to complete the course.

Stretching after each workout can prevent excessive soreness in your muscles.  This will keep you motivated to exercise.  The weather is getting warmer now, and that in itself is reason to get out and get moving.

Motivation as defined by the online dictionary is derived from the word motivate: to provide with a motive, to incite to impel.  Some synonyms are to provoke, move, cause, prompt and induce. What will provoke you to care for your body or cause you to do what you know you need to do?

We all have tons of excuses and that bed feels too good to get up earlier than normal, but think of a reason to incite yourself.  This could be the best thing you do for yourself.

The sun has been out for days now and if that is not motivation to get up and out, what is?  The sun gives some people energy.  If that is you, get moving and try to hang on to your momentum.

There is a little rain in the forecast for the weekend, but don’t let that stall your efforts.  Make plans and keep going.  Find that inner desire to do and do something.

Keep a Diary

Do you want to know a good way to motivate yourself to keep good eating habits? Keep a diet log.  If you can be honest with yourself, it works.  I tried it and it was an eye opener.

It takes around 3,ooo calories to add a pound of body weight and if you keep a food diary, you can keep track of foods that you don’t necessarily need which add unwanted calories and pounds.

There is something about exercise and eating right.  Normally, once a person starts an exercise plan, they want top eat the right foods to coincide with the whole health idea. I am going to be a bit transparent and let you take a peek at one of my food entries.  This is from 2005.  I noticed a pattern, I never work out during the winter and in January I’m freaking out over my weight.

What an awesome morning for a brisk walk.  I am motivated to lose a few pounds by June.  I know it takes about three months for me to tone up and feel really comfortable about my appearance. I love to be around water during the summer months and of course I wear a swimsuit.

I love going to Chizel-it Fitness Center in Owings Mills because of the fitness classes.  I have gone to the Burdick center at Towson University, but there I feel like I’m on an isolated Island.  Everyone there seems to keep to themselves and are so very serious.

“You have to find someone to be accountable to…you will let yourself down before you let someone else down,” says Charles “Chizel-it” Harris III, Owner of Chizel-it Fitness Center.

I am serious about working out, but I love to have fun doing it.  At Chizel-it, we work, sweat and laugh.  The trainers are serious about what they do and have fun doing it.

My daughter does not care for the atmosphere there, so this month she is getting a membership at the YMCA.

Snow Motion

The blizzard of 2010 has really gotten the best of a lot of people concerning sitting home and adding pounds.  I must admit, I love to cook and when I heard that the blizzard was coming I was motivated to get into the kitchen.       

After watching the snow continually fall for about two days boredom set in, not because I was bored, because I could not get out.  I want to get out of the apartment.  Finally we were able to go out and shovel.  That was the exercise of necessity for days, besides walking to the store.

If you really think about it, walking in the snow is a really tough thing to do.  Think of how you must lift your legs to get one foot in front of the other.  There are the lunges performed while trying to leap over puddles and how about the weight training while carrying bags from the store to your destination.  So if you did get a chance to get out, you got some good exercise in.

Let’s Get Moving

Most of us have made a resolution or two for the new year and by now the infomercials are flooding the TV channels.  Are you really motivated to get moving? No?

According to an article in the Women’s Health online magazine, researchers say within  six months 50 percent of people will drop out of exercise programs.

The key is to find what you like to do and not do what you think you should be doing.  People who exercised because they wanted to did better stayed motivated longer than people who exercised because of outside influences (my mom says I’m putting on a few pounds).  You have to take charge and make and stick to your own decisions.

I would like to help you stay motivated while trying to stick to my own personal commitment to stay in shape.

During the summer I have no problem getting exercise, but when it gets cold, my motivation drops as the temperature.  The colder it gets, the less motivated I tend to be.

Let’s get Motivated and Move!

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