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How many times have you gone to an exercise class and casually said hello to the people around you just to be polite?  Would you believe there is a place where nearly everyone speaks and encourages one another and their accomplishments?

That place is Chizel-It Fitness Center. Charles “Chizel-It” Harris runs around the fitness center during his class yelling and counting and keeping the atmosphere high as a packed room full of participants try to keep up with him.

Chizel, as everyone calls him, has a desire to see people fit and he does not want excuses.  It does not matter where you are on the fitness spectrum-beginner to advanced-he wants and expects participation from everyone as seen in this video clip.

There is something about personal trainers, they have a desire to motivate the unmotivated and move the slow and unmovable.  Every one has a reason for coming out to the classes offered at the fitness center.

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Let’s Get Moving

Most of us have made a resolution or two for the new year and by now the infomercials are flooding the TV channels.  Are you really motivated to get moving? No?

According to an article in the Women’s Health online magazine, researchers say within  six months 50 percent of people will drop out of exercise programs.

The key is to find what you like to do and not do what you think you should be doing.  People who exercised because they wanted to did better stayed motivated longer than people who exercised because of outside influences (my mom says I’m putting on a few pounds).  You have to take charge and make and stick to your own decisions.

I would like to help you stay motivated while trying to stick to my own personal commitment to stay in shape.

During the summer I have no problem getting exercise, but when it gets cold, my motivation drops as the temperature.  The colder it gets, the less motivated I tend to be.

Let’s get Motivated and Move!

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