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What an awesome morning for a brisk walk.  I am motivated to lose a few pounds by June.  I know it takes about three months for me to tone up and feel really comfortable about my appearance. I love to be around water during the summer months and of course I wear a swimsuit.

I love going to Chizel-it Fitness Center in Owings Mills because of the fitness classes.  I have gone to the Burdick center at Towson University, but there I feel like I’m on an isolated Island.  Everyone there seems to keep to themselves and are so very serious.

“You have to find someone to be accountable to…you will let yourself down before you let someone else down,” says Charles “Chizel-it” Harris III, Owner of Chizel-it Fitness Center.

I am serious about working out, but I love to have fun doing it.  At Chizel-it, we work, sweat and laugh.  The trainers are serious about what they do and have fun doing it.

My daughter does not care for the atmosphere there, so this month she is getting a membership at the YMCA.

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The blizzard of 2010 has really gotten the best of a lot of people concerning sitting home and adding pounds.  I must admit, I love to cook and when I heard that the blizzard was coming I was motivated to get into the kitchen.       

After watching the snow continually fall for about two days boredom set in, not because I was bored, because I could not get out.  I want to get out of the apartment.  Finally we were able to go out and shovel.  That was the exercise of necessity for days, besides walking to the store.

If you really think about it, walking in the snow is a really tough thing to do.  Think of how you must lift your legs to get one foot in front of the other.  There are the lunges performed while trying to leap over puddles and how about the weight training while carrying bags from the store to your destination.  So if you did get a chance to get out, you got some good exercise in.

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